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Brad Pitt, Mike Tyson & Robin Givens Scandal

Holy crap batman! How would you like to be driving up to Robin Givens house with Robin driving getting ready to go make some good love to her and waiting there is her husband Heavyweight boxing champion of the world looking at you?! Yeah, probably one of the most frightening moments in Brad’s life.

As it goes right after Iron Mike Tyson got divorced from Robin Givens, Brad Pitt started sleeping with her and during one of those pre-sessions, Mike swung by to get him some too as he still had a key to Robin’s house… only to find that Brad was already getting ready to take care of business. :)

Mike says that it was really no big deal to him he was just upset that she was already busy.

Brad and Mike now looking back on the situation laugh about it, but we are sure Brad probably crapped his pants when he looked at Mike looking at him with Robin.

Here is Mike talking about being surprised by Brad when he swung through Robin’s to get a quickie:

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  1. I would have been scared shitless if I pulled up and looked at Mike Tyson looking back at me after I just got done banging his ex.

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