Darius McCrary Arrested for Child Support


Seems as though a judge in Michigan was not in the mood for playing around with Darius McCrary anymore on his owed child support payments that have been way behind. The judge issued an arrest warrant on the spot for The Family Matters star and took him to jail right there. At that point Darius was givin the option to ...

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Amber Rose Busted Photoshop Booty


Seems as though Beyonce & Kim Kardashian are not the only celebrities that have full time Photoshop pro’s on hand to make them look smooth as silk as Amber Rose took a bunch of very racy photos at the public beach and posted them on Instagram. As you can see the pics do not look the same at all… as ...

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Dr. Dre Used to Beat His Ex-Girlfriend Michel’le


According to Michel’le who used to be the ex-girlfriend of Dr Dre and has a child with him went on record stating that she got her ass kicked by the music mogul basically on a daily basis due to jealousy. Michel’le came clean about the subject recently on Power 105.1 “The Breakfast Club” on Friday along with crazy stuff about ...

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Darren Sharper Busted In Multi State Date Rapes


Damn this shit right here is crazy… Former NFL stud Darren Sharper has been having date rape charges come in from all over the US with most recently anoterh one in Las Vegas for a total of 9 women in 4 states. This is still ongoing as the wome just keep lining up with the exact same stories. The go ...

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Justin Bieber Sued For Bodyguards Language


That’s right Justin Bieber is being sued by the same neighbor that got his house egged back in the day for… get this… emotional distress from Justin Bieber’s bodyguards calling the owner of the house Jeff Schwartz a “little jew boy”. Personally we think this is just one of those instances of people abusing the court system trying to get ...

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Pamela Anderson Snitches Out Rick Salomon


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn…Holy crap Pamela Anderson is on a rampage as she just went on record stating that her soon to be ex-hubby Rick Salomon made over 40million last year and hid almost all of it from paying Federal and California State income taxes. According to Pamela Rick made well over $40,000,000.00 last year in ...

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Patrick Schwarzenegger Busted Cheating On Miley Cyrus


Oh Snap! The dumbest dude award now officially goes to Patrick Schwarzenegger for cheating on Miley Cyrus… Congratulations your an idiot! Patrick was vacationing without Miley and ended up doing body shots, kissing and dancing with the un-known chick in the photos getting drunk as you possibly can and then the two make a b-line for the closest motel room ...

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Antwon Blake Busted for Public Intoxication


Oceanside police picked up Antwon Blake this weekend for being extremely intoxicated in public. Antwon was walking around the local bars sideways as police showed up… They asked him a few questions and then loaded him up in the cruiser and took him to jail to sober up and then released him once he could put a sentence together. Antwon ...

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Nicholas Brendon Arrested Yet Again In Hotel


That’s right not to sound like a broken record but The “Buffy the Vampire” star was at another geek convention and whilein his hotel room freaked out and called police on himself. When the police arrived Nicholas was going on and on about someone steeling his things, that’s when they noticed that the room was trashed and the mattress was ...

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